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Barbado Sand by C&F Quilts


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1. Comforter sets include 2 shams, comforter and a skirt. Twin's have 1 sham.

2. Comforter only are comforters not sets. Shams and skirts are sold separately for these emsembles.

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Shop with confidence, Linen Locker is a complete retailer for C&F Quilts.We offer on our web site, all current C&F Quilt patterns  that are available. Our C&F Quilt line was updated effective 09/23/2012, for the latest updates. Pictures are coming soon!!

Barbado Sand Quilt: Cotton Filled, Prewashed, Luxury Oversized

Barbado Sand Quilt by C & F Quilt


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Barbado Sand Quilt and  C & F Quilts will let you truly reflect who you are, what you love , and the way you really live.  C & F Quilt designed Barbado Sand with superior color and style.  Barbado Quilt can offer you inspiration for your creative personality which will help you get the best path to a beautiful bed room. C & F added just a few extra touches that you want see in most quilt companies such as: Luxury Oversized, cotton filled, and prewashed for less shrinkage.
The color that you select for you bed room should always be chosen instinctively as colors you would be happy to live with for hours on end. The bedding and linens in a bed room will almost always be the focal point of a bed room. It is not how much you spend on a quilt, but what you have done with the bedding and linens available. Let C & F help you by starting with enthusiasm.  The designers at C & F Quilts have taken great time and care in making and designing of every individual detail for that extra special finishing touch.  By adding a few Barbado Sand Quilt accessories and with a little imagination, C & F Quilts can help you adapt design ideas into your personal inspiration.
The Linen Locker is a real store, with real sales people located on the Alabama Coast. Please feel free to email any questions you might have.

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