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Country Style Ruffled Bedding By Prestige Ruffled Curtains

"Prestige Country Style Ruffled Curtains and Bedding"
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"Country Style"
The country style is a state of mind. Whether you live in a city high rise, a ranch, or farmhouse outside of town, country captures the comfort and casual ease you long to come home to. What makes it new? It is cleaner, lighter. It is fun eclectic, with room for surprises. Country style is simple practical, using what you have in creative new ways to give country style your own unique interpretation. Above all, it is about you and decorating with the things you love so everything in your home serves a purpose and delights the eye. Prestige designed their unique Country Ruffled Curtains and bedding with country style that polishes your country decor. 
All over the world this country style is loved and copied. Its ability to be both comfortable and practical makes it so popular. It is always has a look that is elegant and relaxing. It creates an atmosphere of understated elegance. "Country living", the very words evoke image of blue skies, long summers days, and a quaint house with white ruffled curtains fluttering in the breeze. Inside there are soft chairs to curl up in and a cozy country bedroom. Today a country style interior can be created wherever you live, whether an old or new house, a city apartment or a converted barn.  The soul of country style is a respect for simplicity natural materials, comfortable furnishings, and individuality. The best of the old and the finest of the new come together in country decorating, a delightful celebration of the new chic country style.
Interiors filled with inspiring decor abound. Gone are the days when country decorating meant log cabins and rough hewn furniture. Today it means many things- slip covers, bold new color palettes, and sophisticated touches inspired by the best of the country tradition. Room by room we see the breadth of colors, textures, and patterns, mixed and matched collectible are showcased; houses are dressed entirely in nature colors.  This beautiful country style can reflect your personality, who you are, where you have been, and what you like. The bed is the dominate feature of a bedroom, so it is important to make it worthy of attention.
This versatile collection includes bedspreads to match your Prestige Ruffled Country Style Curtains and can add wonderful drama to your bed. To create the country look of the unfussy good looks of American settler style add this ruffled bedspread by Prestige to your decor.  The ruffled fabric contributes greatly to the settler home, softening its rather functional appearance and adding comfort and vibrancy. Though very down to earth and practical, a country bedspread is full of life thanks to the vivacious textiles. Many different types of accessories can make a contribution to this style, including dolls, hanging baskets, lavender bags and even a clock. So enjoy your decorating and email us or give us a call if we can assist you.    

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