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Columbine Cody Adds Matelasse Coverlets, Chenille BedSpreads

Columbine Cody New -  Matelasse Coverlets and Chenille Bedspreads and Organic Bedding


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Columbine Cody has been recognized as a leader in the design world and noted for their product innovation in the linen and bedding industry since the introduction of their signature line of Matelasse over 15 years ago.  While Matelasse is a common term in today's luxury bedding industry, it was relatively unheard of when Columbine Cody entered the U.S. Market in 1991.  Columbine Codys product was the first of its kind, embracing the exquisite beauty and quality of European Matelasse at a price that was attractive to the American consumer.  The quality craftsmanship that Columbine Cody offers is possible because the Portuguese have painstakingly combined the construction techniques for Matelasse bedspreads and coverlets, which originated in the royal French court in the 1800's, with techniques learned from Italian artisans, who perfected the development of Matelasse for home furnishing use.  Columbine Cody's Matelasse is constructed on special looms in hand-selected factories in Portugal.  Columbine Cody is turning heads once again with a wonderful new line of Classic Chenille bedspreads and SKAL certified organic cotton bedding products.  But don't worry!  Columbine Cody continues to give devoted attention to their Portuguese Matelasse.


Columbine Cody has designed their Viaud Matelasse coverlet in an intricate, detailed tone-on-tone pattern.  The Viaud exclusive matelasse coverlet design comes in two natural soft colors, white and ivory.  The scrolling pattern flows throughout this lovely Matelasse coverlet for a timeless look.  Columbine Cody created Viaud Matelasse Coverlet with the fabric content of 100% compact combed cotton front and back.  It has a vintage silky, sateen hand.  Viaud comes in three popular sizes: Twin which measures 69" x 96", Full/Queen which measures 90" x 96" and King which measures 108" x 96".  The decorative shams come in Standard only, which measure 21" x 27".  May we suggest purchasing three standard shams for a King bed?  Columbine Cody's designs keep the customers' taste for color in mind.  Viaud is a perfect fit for that hard-to-match room, as its natural tones will look beautiful anywhere.  Viaud will also look wonderful as a mixer: just add some colorful decorative pillows to the basic European matelasse to bring out the color in any room you choose.  This clean, European look has also been most popular as a wedding gift.  You simply can't go wrong when giving a gift of Columbine Cody Linens.


Tucson Matelesse offers exceptional quality at a wonderful price.  Columbine Cody has captured a luxury look.  Columbine Cody's Tucson classic elements are what makes it beautiful.  Columbine Cody designed Tucson Matelasse with quality color and fabric that combine to give this Matelasse coverlet a look of classic aesthetics and texture.  Tucson Matelasse color palette is a nature-inspired soft sage.  Columbine Cody created Tucson with angular inset shapes and lines that are very versatile, so you can easily decorate around it.  This soft shade is one of the color trends of 2007.  Add this sage color to your home decor, and be in on the start of the season's "it" colors.  This soft sage green makes it easy to "pop it up" a notch, by adding additional colors in decorative pillows for that custom look.  Any shade of additional popular colors, such as brown and black, can be easily added for a high-fashion look.  Tucson comes in three popular matelasse coverlet sizes: Twin Tucson European Matelasse Coverlet size measures 69" x 96", Full European Queen Tucson Matelasse Coverlet measures 90" x 96", and King Tucson European Matelasse Coverlet measures 108" x 96".  The shams only come in Standard.  May we suggest purchasing three shams for a king bed. Columbine Cody designed Tucson with a fabric content of 100% soft combed cotton. 


This new Palm Matelasse coverlet by Columbine Cody is expected to be a big hit among our 2nd home beach dweller...or to anyone who wants to bring a little vacation into their bedrooms.  Columbine Cody designed "The Palm" with an overall palm embroidery throughout the collection.  The background color is natural.  All visible embroidery runs throughout the 100% combed cotton Matelasse.  Palm Matelasse can be easily added to a contemporary or more traditional decor.  Palm is easy to decorate around.  Add solid, colored decorative pillows that complement the colors in the embroidered Palms to give the color interest you need.  The embroidery in Palm is timeless and can work in almost any setting.  The Palms Matelasse coverlet comes in three sizes: theTwin Palm Matelasse measures 60" x 96", the Full/ Queen Palm Matelasse Coverlet measures 90" x 96, and the King Palm Matelasse coverlet measures 108" x 96".  Columbine Cody only makes the Palms shams in standard size.  One sham measures 21" x 27".


Columbine Cody designers have designed the Starlight Quilted Organic Coverlet Set based on colors and patterns used in menswear - also a predominant theme this season.  The masculine tone in Starlight and its square pattern combine masculine and feminine contemporary influences for a unisex appeal.  The stone color in Starlight can be easily matched to either light-colored or darker colored linens for a lovely, contemporary look.  You may add a tailored bed skirt, or as most of the Linen Locker customers, for that new contemporary look, just go without.  Starlight Quilted Organic Coverlet Set comes in four popular sizes: Twin Starlight Organic Set measures 69" x 96", Full / Queen Organic Starlight  measures 90" x 96", and King organic Starlight set measures 108" x 96".   For a new look, without the bed skirt, may we suggest purchasing a fitted sheet for your box springs, then tuck your coverlet under your 1st mattress.  This creates a very fashionable look that you can be the first to have!  Columbine Cody designed Starlight Organic coverlet with 100% organic Cotton.


Soledado Matelasse Coverlet is designed with a French scroll pattern.  Columbine Cody designed Soledado with a completely luxurious look in mind.  The coverlet is composed of a pearl and topaz palette, creating a romantic air for the bedroom.  This pattern can be mixed and matched or can stand alone.  You can easily add a elegant and soft touch with the 100% combed cotton Matelasse by Columbine Cody.  Soledado Matelasse comes in three sizes: a twin Soledado European Matelasse Coverlet comes in size 69" x 96", a Full / Queen European Matelesse comes in size 90" x 96" and a King European Matelassecomes in size 108" x 96".  Shams are optional and come in Standard size only.  For King sizes, we suggest purchasing three standard shams.  Soledado only comes in the natural tones as seen above.


Mirabella Matelasse is a unique coverlet made in Portugal with a scroll pattern running throughout the coverlet and shams.  You can now create a casual, soft elegance with the lovely etching in simply-colored linen or white.  Mirabella is a traditional 100% combed cotton coverlet with 2" flanged shams.  Columbine Cody designed Mirabella with a quapunto finish on the coverlet and shams.  Mirabella European Matelasse comes in sizes twin, full/queen, and King.  Mirabella has only Standard shams which is typical in European styles.  May we suggest purchasing three shams for a king size bed.  All of Columbine Cody bed linens have sewn-in care instructions that should be followed to minimize shrinkage and insure the natural beauty of the fabric for the life of the coverlet.  All Columbine Cody fabric should be washed in cold water, no bleach, air dry. 


Martina Matelasse Coverlet is expertly woven in an elegant tone-on-tone checkerboard pattern.  Its rich textures are finished with 100% combed cotton. Martina is a fresh update of a scroll motif alternated with a cord in a Matelasse construction and finished with a quapunto hem on the coverlet and shams.  Columbine Cody designed Martina in colors of white and ivory.  Martina comes in sizes twin, full/ queen, and king.  Standard Shams are complete with 2" flange.  When purchasing Martina Coverlet, we suggest purchasing three standard shams for a king bed.  Columbine Cody Martina, was made by in Portugal.  


Magnolia Chenille Bedspread by Columbine Cody lets you infuse your home with the elegance of Southern cottage charm.  A design marked by chenille magnolias grace this bedspread throughout.  A lovely floral pattern surrounds the bed, while a floral cluster serves as a graceful focal point in the center.  Columbine Cody designed the Magnolia shams with the same beautiful pattern as the bedspread.  Magnolia comes in white and natural colors.  The bedspread is finished with a 2" fringe on 3 sides and rounded corners.  Shams are complete with 2" flange.  Magnolia Chenille bedspread is made from 100% combed cotton. Columbine Cody designed Magnolia in sizes twin, full, queen, and king bed spread sizes. This enchanting bedspread is made in India.


Columbine Cody has a designer bed skirt that will blend with most of their coverlets and other bedding designs.  You will just love this new tailored bed skirt by Columbine Cody.  It comes in white and ivory colors.  Luxury cord is made from cord Matelasse construction with 100% cotton platform.  Columbine Cody finished this high-quality. heavy bed skirt with a plain hem and open corners.  It's made of 100% combed cotton.  This clean, designer look will blend with most of Columbine Cody coverlets and is made in sizes twin, full, queen, and king.  Luxury Cord bed skirt has a 15 inch drop and is made by the fine tailors of Portugal.


Columbine Cody designed the Ice Quilted Coverlet Set with an ethereal and romantic bouquet in soft sage and white tones.  A relaxing and soothing mood is automatically set by adding this quiet and romantic bedding set.  Ice Quilted Coverlet Set holds a traditional scroll motif that is made from 100% polyester burnout that is then sewn over 100% cotton fabric to create a transparent, see-through look.  The coverlet is filled with 100% polyfill batting. The checkerboard pattern of florals and white runs throughout this lovely set and the coordinating shams.  Ice Coverlet set comes in sizes twin, full/queen, and king.  Columbine Cody designers created a full set to include a quilted coverlet and the appropriate number of shams for the bed.  Ice Quilted Coverlet lets you rest and renew yourself in luxury.  Made in India


Goddess Quilted Coverlet Set by Columbine Cody is an intricately-detailed pattern with an exclusive design in traditional crewel motif on a linen background made from a blend of 85% cotton and 15% flax.  Goddess Quilted Coverlet Set by Columbine Cody had a center design of embroidered mohair yarns.  The overall color theme is natural, with gold, berry and powder blue accents.  The Goddess coverlet is filled with 100% polyfill batting.  Each quilted set includes a quilted coverlet and the appropriated number of shams.  Goddess is available in twin, full/queen and king coverlet set sizes.  Columbine Cody also offers decorative accessories such as Euro Shams and decorative toss pillows, which include bolster and breakfast pillows.  All Goddess decorative pillows are made with removable insert of poly fill.  Goddess is made in India.


Quilts, Crochet, and Lace are back, and Columbine Cody is giving new meaning to "antique."  Dress your bedroom with this lovely scalloped, crochet-edged coverlet and shams.  The Gabriella Crochet Coverlet includes all the elements needed to produce an exquisite effect on a traditional bed room.  Columbine Cody designed Gabriella Crochet with lots of sweet and dainty details.  You can choose from the soft, delicate shades of natural or white.  This hand-crocheted lace coverlet is done with a rosette pattern throughout the coverlet, shams and boudoir pillow.  A scalloped, crocheted edge is finished on the coverlet and shams. Gabriella is 100% combed cotton.  Add a white sheet or punch it up with a colorful sheets.  Columbine Cody designed Gabriella Crochet in sizes twin, full, queen and king.  Gabriella is also made with matching bed skirts and a decorative boudoir pillow. 


Flower Basket Chenille Bedspread offers old-fashioned romance combined with today's trendy vintage look. The fanciful, feminine details of the Flower Basket Bedspread lend a softness to any bedroom.  Flower Basket comes in two colors, white and natural. The traditional center-design flower basket is finished with a 2 inch fringe on three sides and rounded corners.  Raised chenille dots and waves lead up to the center of the bed.  The Flower Basket shams are made with 2 inch flange.  The bedspread and shams are made from 100% combed cotton.  Flower Basket is available in twin, full, queen, and king size bedspreads.  The shams come in king and standard sizes.  Decorative toss pillows can be purchased and have a removable insert of 100% poly fill.  Flower Basket is made in India.


Chantilly Chenille Bedspread by Columbine Cody comes in colors of white, blue, natural and sage green.  This Empire-inspired, traditional-patterned Chenille bedspread has a classic design in the center of the bed spread.  The bedspread is finished with 2 inch fringe on three sides and rounded corners.  Chantilly shams are finished with 2 inch flange.  This lovely, classic bedspread is made from 100% combed cotton.  Columbine Cody's combed cotton yarns and fabrics wear longer, as their better-quality fibers have been combed after carding and before spinning.  Combed cotton yarns and fabrics are more expensive because of the additional processing involved and the higher quality of the raw material.  Chantilly Chenille Bedspread is available in twin full, queen, and king sizes.  You can also purchase standard or king pillow shams.  Decorative toss pillow are available with 100% poly filled and removable inserts.


Aspen Organic Quilted Coverlet Set is all-organic, made from 100% organic cotton fabric with 100% organic filled batting.  Columbine Cody designed Aspen  in colors of ivory, blue, stone and sage green.  All of Columbine Cody products are SKAL certified and made from organic cotton.  The organic cotton used is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment.  Columbine Cody has made sure that these are some of the greenest bedding products available in the US market.  Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizer, and build biologically diverse agriculture.  Third party certification organizations verify that organic producers use only methods and materials allowed in organic production.  Organic cotton supply is estimated at on 0.1% of global cotton production.  It takes 3 years before a farm or field can become organic, which means that the use of pesticides was discontinued for 3 years prior and rigorous controls helped rebuild the soil.  Sustainable Textile certification requires your product to be made using 100% organic cotton.  The organic exchange certification program allows you to claim a traceable percentage of certified organic cotton. Besides protecting you from synthetic chemicals, organic farming methods used in growing organic cotton also protect the air, water, and soil from chemical pollution.  Organic farmers respect and nurture the soil rather than ruining it for future generations.


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