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How to Choose the Right Lamp Shade

Lessons in Choosing the Correct Lamp Shade

So you have just found a great lamp base in an estate sale that will go perfectly with your new bedding but the shade is much to be desired. Maybe you just have to update a lamp shade on an air loom lamp that belong to your great grandmother. Whatever the case, these simple steps by the Linen Locker will help you combine the old with the new or the new with the new for a put together look by using just a few basic decorating rules.

Most lamps come with an existing lamp shades. Rather you find them in estate sale, or a brand new lamp; when shopping for a lamp if you like the base of the lamp but the shade simply just does not seem to fit your decor don't let this obstacle stand in your way.  Proceed with your purchase of the base then  purchase a new shade. Old or new, you can replace a lamp shade with ease to match your bedding and decor when  you follow a few  simple steps. 


Look at the Lamp and ask yourself these questions.  Does the lamp shade look too big for the lamps base? Hasis i the lamp shade yellowed or is it discolored? Does your lamp shade blend with your rooms colors? Dose the lamp shade cover the mechanical devices on the lamp base and is the lamp shade damaged?

The main purpose of a lamp is to shield your eye from the bright light of a light bulb and hide the electrical devices. It can make a strong decorative statement and enhance your decor adding the right base and shade. When choosing a lamp shade choose a shade that is two thirds the height of the base and as wide as the bases largest diameter. It is important when shopping for a new lamp shade to take your lamp base with you to avoid  timely returns. Choose a lamp shade that will complement a broader bolder lamp base.

Be sure you know your lamps hardware to make every part compatible. The base of the lamp is the body of the lamp, or the lamp stand. The lamp base usually hides the electric cord running from a hole in the bottom to the top. A metal piece at the top of the base is called the butterfly. The butterfly will hold the harp in place. The harp is a metal piece that the lamp shade screws on to. You will need to figure out what size harp is needed for your shade. It is helpful is you measure the height of the bases butterfly and subtract the number from the vertical distance between the metal pieces at the top of the lamp to the bottom of the lamp shade. The number will be the ideal height. Most lamps come with a harp. If you purchase and antique lamp or maybe your old harp is a little rusty, you will find that harps are easily replaceable. The finial if the lamps topper. The finial holds everything together and can serve as a decorative item. Finials provide a finished look.

Not only is choosing a lamp shade important, it is important to choose the right spot for you lamp. You would not want to place a short lamp in height spots such as a sofa or side tables. Short lamps belong in short places such as placement on a desk in an office.

You also need to consider if your room is formal, traditional, contemporary, or country chic.   A cone shade in natural colors usually fits in a traditional room perfectly. A square shade might look better in a more contemporary room, while a floral printed shade might be just perfect for that English country room. It a bed room always match a color in your bedding or linens.

Book mark these easy decorating steps by the Linen Locker, and you will find just the right lamp shade for the right room with ease. 


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