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We are proud to offer Home Source 100% green certified Bamboo sheets--the best linens available on the market. While bamboo sheets may seem like a bit of a stretch, bamboo can actually be used to make a wide variety of textiles--from bedding to flooring. Bamboo is the one of the strongest fibers, able to withstand a great deal of use (or abuse) without any damage. It is also a fast growing tree that does not require pesticides, attaining more than a foot each day.  Bamboo is one of the softest fabrics in the world- softer than cotton but with a drape like silk. It breathable and cool, soft as cashmere; absorbent and natural antibacterial elements in the fiber keep bacteria away from it. 
 The very best in green bedding, Home Source bamboo linens are luxurious to the touch, hypoallergenic, temperature regulating and all natural, giving you the best night's sleep ever. You will find that these linens are all priced at about the same price as a fine set of high thread count cotton sheets. Home Source bamboo bedding will soon to be added to our Home Source web area. Their bamboo bedding has the same high quality feel and touch of their bamboo sheets, with the latest designer colors and styles.
Home Source's new neutrals in white, gray, and pastels play an essential role in decorating and the designers at Home Source know it! Referred to as non-colors, true neutrals provide visual relief in the midst of a bold color scheme without altering the color relationships. True neutrals are stark, sophisticated and add a bit of luxury. The new Home Source neutrals shown here in these beautiful linens can vary in value, just like any other colors. The can vary in temperature as well: imagine a warm taupe and a cool, bluish gray.  Designers use the new neutrals everywhere but suggest that you start with your bedding. With many choices to choose from, this high-end bedding will give you years of comfort and style. From the beautiful bed linens including bamboo bedding and sheets, to the basket weave matelasse and the herringbone blanket, you will always come back to Home Source.
Now, Home Source bath offers one of the largest sections of colors in bath towel, shower curtains, and rugs! The Linen Locker carries a full line of Home Source Microcotton bath towels. One of the softest towels in the world! These micro cotton solid bath towels are some of the finest you will find! The bath towels come in many beautiful solid colors and are as soft and plush as they look in the pictures, and are matchable with Home Source's reversible cotton bath rugs. Home Source also makes a nylon bath rug in most any decorative color you might need. The soft and plush character is immediately apparent when you touch these great towels, and the micro cotton towel has a two hundred fifty percent faster absorbency rate than an ordinary cotton towel! They also are on hundred thirty three percent thicker than a comparable ordinary cotton towel of the same weight. Home Source Linens uses no chemicals to enhance the towels' characteristics, and the natural softness is permanent. 
Linen Locker is your complete Authorized Home Source Resource

Tired of searching for the lowest prices on 100% certified bamboo linens, bath, micro cotton bath towels and bedding home fashion linens? Good news! The Linen Locker will match anybody's prices! It’s simple, just email or call us, toll free, and let us know the site with the lower price. We can usually give you your price on any of our products, including bedding, linens, and bath fashions, and rugs the same day. Why shop at the Linen Locker? Because we are a real store- not just a mail order company. The items that we carry in our store can be shipped in 1-2 days.
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