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Victor Mill Designer Comforter Sets, Bedding & Linens

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Victor Mill Designer Comforter Sets, Linens and Bedding



Tired of searching for the lowest prices on Victor Mill linens, bedding, bath and home fashions? Good news! The Linen Locker will match any prices! Its simple, just email or call us, toll free, and let us know the site with the lower price. We can usually give you your price on any of our products, including comforters, bedding, linens, bath fashions, and rugs the same day. Why shop at the Linen Locker? Because we are a real store- not just a mail order company. The items that we carry in our store can be shipped in 1-2 days,if in stock.

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How many of us are brave and adventurous when it comes to jazzing up our old bedding with yards of bright and energetic bedding? The high designs of Victor Mill Comforter Sets and Linens can provide you with just the right inspiration...with Victor Mill, there are no bad choices, only wonderful possibilities.



Victor Mill Linens offers you great bedding styles in every conceivable color, and memorable decor that can be achieved at any budget. Bedding is a marvelous means of bringing harmony and balance to your bedroom. It can underscore the inherent beauty of your bedroom's good lines, or with a few sleight-of-hand maneuvers, improve the look of of those that are not quite perfect. You can play with the width and length of stripes and colors, or add majesty and stately elegance with pillows to bring warmth and coziness to a bedroom. Your home is simultaneously your private space and your public face, and the only way it will work well at both levels is if you allow it to be a genuine expression of yourself. By all mean, use the latest ideas and pictures of the bedding from some of the best designers as inspiration to adapt to your own requirements...but adapt it to your own personal flair. With Victor Mill Linens, making a personal statement in the bedroom just got a little easier!


About Victor Mill Incorporated:  Victor Mill, Incorporated is a designer and manufacturer of affordable luxury bedding, window treatments,  and accessories with a distinctive style.  Victor Mill Bedding and Linens are manufactured in Greenville, South Carolina and the companies designers focuses on producing the finest quality bedding, comforters, and linens one piece at a time.  In order to meet the diverse needs of retailers and interior designers, Victor Mill offers bedding and linen collections ranging from traditional, contemporary, tropical, western chic, English Country, and many additional designs which allows them to meet the diverse needs of todays bedding customers.  Through the use of stylish color combination, high design fabrics, opulent trimmings and stylish textures, Victor Mill offers one of the best designer bedding collections in the market.  Most of Victor Mill designer comforter sets include great accessories such as Euro Shams, Envelope Shams, 18 x 18 decorative pillows, Boudoir pillows, neckrolls, button pleat valances, rod pocket panels, table rounds, and lovely matching shower curtains.


You will see on the Linen Lockers web site all of Victor Mill wide range of comforter and bedding designs. Victor Mill designers have created such designs with a contemporary look such as Beatnik, which is a floral design combined with vinyl and faux fur textures and a Dalmatian print that make this design perfect for girls of all ages. Then there is a new take on contemporary bedding called City Lights which the designers at Victor Mill created a modern, minimalism, contrasting black and white colors that looks and feels like a loft in Manhattan. The list goes on with the tropical look of Seahorse comforter set, a designer set designed on a lime green background with vibrant accent colors and lime green polka dot accent material that make this designer comforter set perfect bedding for a costal home or anyone that loves the costal look. For a more serious costal Tropical look, take a look at Amelia Island, filled with lush green foliage with brilliant shrimp colored blooms abound.  Multi color gold braid trim and an off tone Jacquard weave accents. For the more Western Chic decor, Victor Mill designed Bull Rider, Colorado, Nevada, and Bronco. These are all must see designer comforter sets. Bull Rider is a classic bull rider design on a woven jacquard with faux leather accents that creates a classic western look perfect in many decorating schemes. Colorado is a handsome southwestern comforter set with a look for any nature lover. Beautiful tapestry designs of rugged mountains, streams, and wildlife accented with brown faux leather pieces. This Colorado comforter design allows you to show your love for nature inside of your home.  Even if you prefer floras, Victor Mills has the most elegant floral comfort set that give a luxury look to any bed room. Carllota is a great example with a colorful classic design in vibrant shades of blue, pinks, green and yellows on a cream background including parrots, and hibiscus that create a beautiful fresh look for any bed room. Summerset, another look in floras, with a beautiful cotton linen floral blend with shades of brown, beige and corral on a green background with a coordinating strip pattern in spa green and gold. Victor Mill made this comforter set a classic! Covington is a take on red floras. Covington comforter set is printed on damask in shades of salmon and green with plaid coordinates create this beautiful ensemble. Covington is a Reminiscent of an English country garden. This list goes on as the style go on. Victor Mills designers are there before the trends even start. Take a look at all the wonderful bedding decor, and we are sure there will be a style just for you!


All Victor Mill designer comforters and luxury bedding feature oversized and overstuffed comforters, coordinating table rounds, elegant trims, and fringes, matching shower curtains, several sizes decorative pillows and shams, daybed sets, and window treatments. Victor Mill also offers special features in their Custom shop such as additional fabric, trim options such as bullion fringe, any drop on bed skirt. Please take a look at our new and updated 2007 Victor Mill designer comforter sets and linens.

Statement directly from Victor Mill Made in the USA:



Important Victor MIll Comforter and Bedspread Measurements:  Twin Regular Bedspread 85" x 120", Full Regular Bedspread 100" x 120", Queen Bedspread 106" x 120", King Bedspread 124" x 120".  Twin Oversize Bedspread 81" x 118", Full Oversize Bedspread 96" x 118", Queen Oversized Bedspread 102" x 118", King Oversized Bedspread 120" x 118.   Twin Comforter, Coverlet  71" x  96", Full Comforter Coverlet 86" x 96", Queen Comforter Coverlet 92" x 96", King Comforter Coverlet  110" x 96".  All Victor Mill Bed skirts come in either 18" or 21" drops. Victor Mill fabric is available by the yard.

Victor Mill, Incorporated is a designer and manufacturer of affordable luxury bedding, window treatments and accessories with a distinctive style. Victor Mill  bedding and accessories are manufactured in our Greenville, South Carolina facility and the company focuses on producing the finest quality bedding one piece at a time. In order to meet the diverse needs of retailers and interior designers, Victor Mill offers collections ranging from traditional, contemporary, tropical and many other designs which allow them to meet diverse needs of today’s bedding customers. Through the use of stylish color combinations, elegant, high quality fabrics, opulent trimmings and stylish textures, Victor Mill offers one of the best designer bedding collections in the market.

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