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Cody Direct Matelasse Coverlets & Bedspreads

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Although we spend a third of our lives in our bedroom, it is usually the most neglected area of any house.  In terms of decoration and style, most people require only that their room contains a comfortable bed.  After all, the reasoning goes, if the greatest proportion of my time in the room is spent with my eyes closed, what does it matter how the room looks?  The truth is, though, that often due to space limitations,  the bedroom is gradually becoming a multi-purpose space.   However, even if it serves only its primary function, design should not be ignored.  We don't, after all, drop into sleep immediately after entering.  The moments we are passing through the room during our daily activities, or those just before we go to sleep, or wind down, or wake up, can be prime times for reflection and contemplation.  Why shouldn't your most personal space reflect in its colors and design a bit of who you are? 




The  Cody Direct coverlets and bedspreads work wonderfully in both a master bedroom or in dual rooms.  A natural-colored matelesse will add class and charm to a room without all of the fuss of trying to put a room together.  This is the first bedding that we recommend when our customers tell us they have a room that serves dually as a office and bedroom. Cody Direct bedding lays easily on the bed and matches almost any decor.  You can dress them up or let them have a contemporary casual look, as they are the most versatile linens we have in the store and on our site! Take a look at all the styles we offer from this great company! Cody Direct promises to continue to offer trend-oriented, one-of-a-kind designs that are made to the highest standards, with continued emphasis on competitive pricing. Cody Direct strives to not only be an innovator in design but also a leader in quality.


To learn more about the history and high quality, luxurious bedding items made by Cody Direct , click here.



Linen Locker proudly represents their entire line of products both in our store and online. To find matching bath and linen accessories, you may want to look at the great products from Veratex BathCroscill Bath, and Blonder Home Bath Accessories.



Linen Locker is a complete Authorized Cody Direct formerly Columbine Cody Retailer!


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Because we are a real store, not just a mail order company. The items that we carry in our store can be shipped in 1-2 days.

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