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Tropical Bedspreads

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Tropical Bedspreads, & More!

Tropical Bedspreads

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Bedspread Measurements: Twin- 81 x 110, Full- 96 x 110, Queen 106 x 118, King- 126 x 110.   All bedspreads made by Tropical Bedspreads and More are machine washable- cold water, Air Dry, Light detergent.   


Weather is a riotous color of exuberant shades or as gentle as the first light of dawn, on a sea shore, color invariably claims attention and can be considered on of life?s greatest gifts. No other place will you find this than in tropical décor.  There is a strong emotional component to tropical color. Tropical color can make you feel happy, peaceful, or fully energized, even if you do not quite understand why. Have you even been walking on the beach and just felt good? You didn?t know why, but maybe it was because you were surrounded by nature?s beauty. That is the tropical emotion I?m talking about!

Hopefully you will see just the right tropical bedspread and bedding with just the right color and motifs that will decorate your bedroom beautifully.  The Linen Locker has been decorating beach houses for years. Bedspreads by Tropical Bedspreads bedding and More is our number one seller in our store. Even professional designers that shop in our store say their customers love them.

With all of the colors and motifs you can not go wrong. Choose colors that will pull together your personal decorating scheme with some of these bedding patterns.

Sea Shell Patterns:

Aqua Sea Life - The soft aqua color in this tropical bedspread and bedding complements the additional colors in the motifs of sea life in this lovely bedspread.  These delicate colors are good choices for bed rooms with lots of light.  Aqua Sea Life bedspread draws attention to the deeper values in the tropical laid back life style.  The under color in this tropical bedspread is Aqua with clusters of seashells and sea horses swimming around the cluster. Lovely sand colored coral floats around the bed spread

Blue Seashells- This beautiful blue adds a dainty quality to the sand back ground of this tropical ?Blue Seashells bedspread and bedding". The shells decorative motif has become an exciting focal point in tropical bedding.  A warm buttery cream is used as a background color to soften and add charm to a tropical bedroom. This simple blue and sand palette creates romantic ambiance. Blue Seashells tropical bedspread makes a bedroom visually pleasing and useful at the same time. 

Blue Green Shell Tropical Bedspread - Blue/Green Shells bedding along with touches of bright swirls of yellow grace the top of this lovely bedspread.  The gentle color scheme is a softer approach to tropical contemporary bedding. The soft blue tones complement the yellow tones.  These delicate colors are good choices to brighten up a room. 

Damask Cream Shell- This damask tropical Shell bedspread and bedding is full of tropical elegance. A light sand color damask has a refined and understated look.  It also lets you chose from greater array of colors for your walls and floors.  Up printed are tone on tone seashells for various sizes and shapes.  This soft creamy look blends beautifully with any room and adds sophistications to a beach cottage or elegance to a master bed room. 

Funky Fish-It?s a question of degree: Do you like your blues intense with almost electric impact, or do you prefer that they offer a cool or sable seasoning to neutrals?  When you examine the blue shades used in Funky Fish tropical bedspread, you will find that they will make an electric impact in a bedroom!   The tropical fish bedding and other sea life motifs add an effect that can be calming and predominates just enough to bring character to a tropical bedroom.  So go ahead, make a tropical statement with this Funky Fish tropical bedspread.

Natures Jade- Natures Jade Tropical Bedspread and bedding can be playful interaction of high and low. By combining the best of all the tropical motifs and laying them on a butter yellow background, you can keep a pastel bedroom from seeming too tame.  Through in a pillow with colors of the tropical motifs and you can bring out any additional colors you desire. 

Nature's Navy- Repetition, repetition in design, the word cohesion refers to something that is all pulled together well.  Nature's Way tropical bedspread is cohesive because of the colors, costal motifs, and repeat of them several times for emphasis. Sophisticated in Blue and White, the restrained color palette in this tropical bedspread and bedding lets art take precedence over color. 

Peach Shell- Peach is a gentle accent color for this no nonsense design. Feathery light sea shells in pastels would make a bedroom look less serious without adding a jarring look.  Traditional the color "peach" has a history as a color of preference for tropical rooms. It suggests the luscious bounty of ocean waters. The delicate light sand is a soothing background color.  Add pillows and wall art for a beautifully coordinated tropical bedroom.

 Pink and Green Sea Life- The playful, animated color, such as in this Pink and Green Sea Life Tropical bedspread would be a welcome addition to any tropical bedroom. It is fun and cheerful. By adding these colors and motifs you can fulfill a look that would enliven a bedroom.  The colors have a light- hearted feeling that would help you make a statement.  We suggest when you use a busy bedding pattern, that a solid color be used on the walls to help reinforce the look of your bedding theme.

Purple Shell-Alternative colors on sea shell grace the cover of this bedspread.  Have you actually seen a purple, blue, bright pink sea shell?  This bedspread is all about contemporary color. The color scheme for these sea shells, are truly one of a kind. To pull off this look you have to have a bit of modern touched and love color. Since most beach houses are a bit contemporary, it can add lift to a room and provide a little relief from the standard tropical. Go head get that chrome bed, purchase this Purple Shell Tropical bedspread bedding and add a little glitz to a bedroom.

Tropical Fish Bedspread Pattern:

Black Fish Tropical Bedspread - Black is one of those perennial colors that contradict all apparent logic.  According to color theory, black turns out to be a complete absence of color, but pure white light breaks up into every color of the rainbow when it pours through a prism. Regardless of how they come to be, black is immensely useful in today?s busy bed room.  Black Fish Tropical Bedspread is a perfect solution for a rental unit, or even a bed that is used often.  The back ground as you can see if black, the perfect color for not showing stains as much a lighter color bed spread.   Black is always a classic? even when done in a tropical bed spread!

Sports Fish Tropical Bedspread and Bedding - Let the oceans carry you away. Don't be afraid to use a busy pattern you love.  This eye catching bedspread is for the salt water fisherman.  Salt water fish with touches of gold, sand, and blue color swim deep in the ocean blue.  This eye catching bedspread will fill a room with character.  With so much pattern in the bedspread and curtains, it might work well using a solid color wall color such as an earthy "khaki' or "blue" which allows the bedspread pattern to take center stage. 

White Fish Tropical Bedspread and BEDDING- White Fish tropical bedspread had a white back ground. Beautiful flowing colors of pink, purple, blue and even a touch of taupe are painted on this lovely bedspread.   The primary colors seem to be white (the background) and Green (the tropical foliage). Fish painted bright colors of pink, purple; bring the true tropics in a bedroom.  Among the rich colorful colors in this bedspread, the white background adds a light hearted quality and a clean look.

Tropical Bedspreads with flowers and foliage:

Black Tropical Bedspread and Bedding- Black Tropical Bedspread is a beautiful bedspread designed with a black background. Lovely tones of green and sand tropical leaves grace the spread with a velvety rich red Heliconia?s showing as if you?re in a Hawaii garden.  This is a wonderful look for any bed room. It has also been a great bedspread for the well used bed, such as in a beach rental unit.  

Blue Lagoon Tropical Bedspread and Bedding- This lovely tropical bedspread is a favorite of all who add it to there tropical home. It has all of the latest beautiful colors of the tropics. The lighter colors in Blue Lagoon tropical bedspread will reflect light and brighten up your bedroom. It is crucial to incorporate adequate lighting when exposed to natural sunlight in order to keep spaces bright and upbeat.  Allowing light and lovely colors and natural sunlight to dapple in your bedroom encourages a cheerful mood.   

 Captiva Tropical Bedspread and Bedding - An ever-popular color, this dark red would be a sumptuous addition to a rich tropical bedroom.  In contrast to the sage green in the tropical foliage and touches of taupe, the red in Captiva tropical bedspread will energize any tropical bedroom.   So, you think maybe you have seen this tropical bedspread before? Yes you have. Thomasville Home Fashions also made tropical bedspreads out of this same tropical print. 

Furngully Tropical Bedspread and Bedding - Furngully Tropical Bedspread has a butter yellow background. Colors next to each other on the color wheel ? yellow and yellow green, for example always go to gather. Furngully adds interest by including lighter and darker shades of complementary color.  If you want to keep your bed room from dating so fast, you might want to go for a more classic styles and colors. Furngully Tropical bedspread has all of the classic colors. This tropical   print is also a classic.  Please email us for fabric swatches to help choose your bedroom with a tropical look. 

Please note that Furngully fabric pattern was originally made by Thomasville Home Fashions.

 Sage Tropical Bedspread and Bedding- A touch of dazzling rich blue adds depth to this Sage Tropical Bedspread color scheme.  In a bedspread with several strong hues, this blue's intensity gives it the clout it needs to be seen.  The dominate sage background is a lighter sage and holds its own in the multicolor bedspread.  Sage Tropical Bedspread has other beautiful motifs that brings the tropics in a room, such as the "Bird of Paradise" and all of the tone on tone tropical foliage.  This  is also a perfect spread for a rental unit. It is machine washable and so colorful that stains are hidden quite easily.

Tan Tropical Bedspread and Bedding- among a rich field of multicolor on this tropical bedspread, the small touch of rose in the flowers adds a light-hearted touch.  Tan Tropical Bedspread in based in a rich tan background. Touches of yellow, blue, rose and two tones of green bring tropical nature in a bedroom.  This warm tan midtone tropical bedspread keeps a contemporary room warm and inviting and a traditional room, well it gives it just the right amount of color.

Add a Little Whimsy with These Nautical and Flip Flop Bedspreads:

 Flip Flops Blue Tropical Bedspread and Bedding-  ( comes in blue and Yellow) Flip Flop tropical bedspread will make your heart leap with pleasure when you walk in a bedroom and find this cute flip flop tropical bedspread on a bed. The tropical colors do its best to duplicate a bedroom with warm fresh colors, outdoor looks and beach motifs.  Along with a back ground color of blue, there are myriad shades of green rose bud pink and touches of blue.  As in nature, the beauty of the whole is composed of countless colors, which can vary immensely although they are a few shades apart. 

 Yellow Sailboat Bedspread and Bedding - It is the playful interaction of high and low, yellow and blue, vertical and horizontal, the sailing theme keeps this nautical bedspread upbeat.  These fun sailboats lift the eye like only a sailor could understand. The warm light hearted yellows, blues and white in this sailboat bedspread has a strong theme impact, with the small nautical verbiage, keeps the bedspread pattern even more interesting. Stack up pillows and add a nautical rug from Home Source (located on our web site) and you will have the nautical theme covered.

 Lighthouse-  To create a setting in a bedroom where guest feels good, choose warm, convivinal colors and motifs. In a bold display of saturated lighthouse motifs this tropical bedspread is resplendent.  What is the secret of its style? It is the confident mix of color and pattern. The light house style is a magnificent cozy look. With the ocean blue colors making such an impact. You can enliven your bedroom by using this analogous tropical lighthouse bedspread and give your bedroom a scheme that is vivacious and exciting.

Parrot Bedspread and Bedding- If you want fun and colorful, then Parrot Tropical Bedspread might just fit right into your decor.  The primary color is tones of jungle green.  With parrots colored stimulating red, and enthusiastic orange. Add just a touch of sunshine yellow and you have a upbeat look that is bright eyed. This tropical bedspread can be nutty, cute and comforting.  It will Coordinate with almost any color and can have a vibrating intensity that can make a statement.

These bedspreads are only a sample of what you will find. Look for additional descriptions and prices when you click on the picture above.



Coming soon: We are working on posting pictures of matching lamps on some of our Tropical Bedspreads and Bedding patterns. If you are interested please email us. We have most of these tropical lamps in our store- ready to shipped.


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