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C & F Designer Quilts


C & F Enterprises, Inc.

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Carlisle Quilt



C & F Enterprises/ Luxury Bedding at everyday low prices

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Whats your style? Tropical, contemporary, traditional, southwest or Shappy Chic?  C & F Enterprises has a design for everyone!

These are not your Grand Mothers Quilts...take a look and you will see.


C & F Quilts are handcreafted. Slight variations add to the uniqueness of each handmade piece.  The quality and durability of each quilt is of supeior craftsmanship and will be cherished additions to any home.


If you cherish the handcrafted heritage of quilts, but you do not want to look as if you live in that era, you will enjoy today's casual, unpretentious quilts that C & F Enterprise's designers have designed.  They have a soft spot for nostalgic treasures and romantic gestures. These lovely quilts are free-spirited, but tenderhearted, fashionable yet down- to- earth durable. We are sure that when you take a look at them, you will say, these aren't my grand ma's quilts!

You will find contemporize, traditional, tropical, cabin cozy, and even shappy chic all made to be fresh, cozy and nurturing, full of ideals of the comforts of home.  These C & F Quilts are the best made.  They can also be sleek and chic, but it?s not the chilly, skimpy look you see in some of those cheep discount stores. Our largest buyer of C & F quilt is right here on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Our high end beach rental home owners purchase these quilts because they are so durable and hold up to washing after washing.   

Now, suddenly, you can appreciate these quilts for its strong, surprisingly contemporary, geometric shapes, such as Hudson Quilt, and an 80's look in a quilt that C & F designers call Tequila. These quilts pair the heirloom character of the past with today's easy going lifestyle. The result is a look that is free spirited as the wide open spaces: one that is grounded in beauty of handicrafts and natural colors, the elegance of strong and simple lines.  

You may also appreciate new traditional, based on neoclassical, the new traditional look mixes the cotton quilt designs and the Williamsburg look. C & F designed patterns of this style called Carlisle Blue and Red.Windsor Green and Berry, The Williamsburg collection also includes the toile bedding, you will find Williamsburg toile in Green, Blue, Brighton Blue, and Yellow toile. One of our most popular toile is also made by C & F Quilts is called Brighton Red Toile.  Other Williamsburg designs include Chesapeake Bay Blue and Chesapeake Bay Sorbet. You will find several colors and pillows that are designed in the same color scheme, but will look perfect with the different quilt patterns. The effect is up to the minute yet timeless. They will provide you with warmth but not clutter, that pairs the heirloom character of the past with today's lifestyle.


Eclectic style with a country air mixes sophisticated and primitive elements that resonate with down home charm. Many call this,shabby Chic . C & F designs Quilts of all Styles and designs them with a look that also can be a little shabby chic. April Cornell, a famous designer brings this Shabby Chic look to C & F with her designs. Sunshine and Sunrise is a perfect example of how you can have a little nostalgic look and also have a look that is so up to date. April Cornell Quilts are also designed with the latest up to date colors. For example, Athena, Vientia, and Dawn Aqua Lime bring the old and new together in a simple and elegant way.  Want those 80's colors brought up a notch? If so, you can appreciate Sonnet Poetry, and Midas Sybilt these two are also April Cornell designs.  It may be a Vintage look or an English Garden look as in Marianna Cream; you will say- who says modern style has to be cold and edgy?

If your dream is rustic country style but your reality is a conventional house or apartment in the city or suburbs, you can still bring home rustic style into your bed room. C & F Quilts have many cozy cabin looks such as Rustic Bear Claw, Lodge Living, Whispering Pines, and even one of my sons favorites, Timberline Quilt. You can add one of these cozy cabin quilts to a bed room and show how a few key touches can be used to suggest a rustic ambiance without going overboard.  Checks and Plaids are the perfect touch that says rustic better than any other patterns.  In the cozy bungalow, add a quilt, hand painted pottery, and a few other choice accessories and you have a cabin mood.  The same thing goes for the Southwestern look. Just add a Southwest quilt such as C & F's Collin, or Harmony Dream and you have your Southwestern look all together.  Other Southwestern C & F Quilts: Hudson, Canyon Dance Earth and even the Terra Cotta matelasee can bring this Southwestern look into your home.

Anyone would envy homeowners wonderful location right on the water. While the location is a rare treasure, interior elements can be found in every part of the country.  If you are so fortunate to have a location on the water, you can still have that look with the many tropical, nautical, and beach designs that C & F has to offer. Nothing evokes a breezy, exotic tropical lifestyle like a light weight tropical quilt inspired by sophisticated, fun colors and motifs.  These tropical quilts work together to create an atmosphere that is fresh, casual modern and at the same time fun and comforting. Take a look a the many tropical breeze styles such as Beach Life, Beach Bum, Kauai, Kahala, Coral Shells and many, many more..

There are many details that may be added to personalize  these lovely designer quilts. Matching window treatments add charm and romance to the look of a room.  Coordinating window treatments used decoratively on a window can echo the elegance of past eras.  Even if you already have blinds or shutters in your bedroom, a drape where the fabric is stretched between two rods will created an all over personal touch to a window. Yet no matter what the desired effect, curtains can take shape as an uncomplicated, still length window treatment or a floor length work of are. Curtains can also act as a prelude as textures and colors hint to what lay on the other side of the window.

 C & F Quilts also allows you to dress a table with matching quilt fabric. Weather you use it in the kitchen, or use a table mat on a dresser, C & F can bring as little or as much pattern into your bedroom.  Many of C & F quilt pattern have matching placemats, table runners, an other items. Deorative table toppers can complement any room decor.  Quilted placemats custom made to your color scheme are finished with coordinating dinner napkins.  Runners add a decorative touch that display a fine ood or glass table to its best advantage.


These C & F Quilts are subject to different interpretations, but everyone you see will have one thing in common,Quality. Add any of these selective stylish quilts to your home, to create a world you will love to live in.

C & F Quilts also offers:

C & F Placemats

C & F Chair Pads

C & F Kitchen Accessories

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And this is why we added C & F Quilts to our great lines:

  About C & F Enterprises, Inc.

C&F Enterprises, Inc. was originally established in 1976 under the ownership and direction of Carol Fang. C&F began as a one-woman operation, which imported porcelain and antiques from China and sold the merchandise from Mrs. Fang's home in Yorktown, Virginia. The business grew at a steady rate, showing profit each year, which allowed C&F to expand its territory throughout the southeast. During the early 1980's, the company branched into the table linen and seasonal gift categories and experienced tremendous success as a result. The company then ventured into the handcrafted quilted bedding and needlepoint merchandise, which quickly made C&F a leader in these two industries. This is mainly due to the fact that C&F Enterprises, unlike most other import companies, have their own design team in China, as well as in the United States. This enables C&F in many ways to differentiate itself from its competitors. C&F has also established its own licensing department, which allows them to obtain their designs from some of the best artists in the country.

One of C&F's greatest strengths is their line of handmade needlepoint merchandise. C&F is the largest importer of handmade needlepoint products in the United States today. They have over 600 different colors to choose from when designing their needlepoint. This allows C&F the freedom to develop an extremely vivid color scheme, which produces a unique illusion of depth and detail, creating a final product of superior quality. Needlepoint merchandise is available in a variety of items, ranging from everyday pillows to stocking to accessories. C&F has also been extremely successful in their line of Christmas needlepoint.

C&F has also been extremely successful with their quilted Christmas category. With more than a dozen themes to choose from, C&F has developed Christmas quilted throws, pillows, tree skirts, stocking, and table linens. C&F designs, prints, and manufactures most of their fabric from overseas, which allows them to capture the detail and quality comparable to American fabrics, but at affordable and competitive prices. The detail and originality of these designs will accent any home décor.

In 1997, C&F opened a separate division of the company named Gallerie II, building on the company's strengths as well as bringing new product categories to the market. Gallerie II is known for its distinctive and exclusive product based on proprietary and licensed designs. With the primary product focus on Seasonal trim, tabletop decorations, accessories and gifts, Gallerie II is taking a leading role in transforming homes during major holidays.

In 2000, C&F introduced the QK Collection, a line of handbags, tote bags and travel accessories in well designed quilted fabrics that has continued to grow and gain market share. Again, all of the fabrics are exclusive designs and printed by the company. About the same time, a licensed Collegiate collection was introduced in a variety of products including throws, pillows, holiday, and accessories.

Licensed properties have been an integral part of the C&F line. These properties have included Walt Disney Classic Winnie the Pooh and Mickey and Company as well as Coco-Cola Santas.

Several well-known artists have also contributed to the success of C&F Enterprises. Colonial Williamsburg, Kate McRostie, Susan Winget, Ingrid, Lainey Daniels and the Hautman Brothers are just a few. In January, 2007, C&F will be introducing the April Cornell Collection which will add another dimension to the Bedding and Holiday Collections.

Today C&F Enterprises is a multi-million dollar company with its manufacturing facilities in China and over 250,000 square feet of warehouse space in Newport News, Virginia. C&F continues to expand with a current sales team of over 100 individuals, as well as expanding marketing and design teams. These teams are constantly working to insure that C&F will continue to offer quality merchandise that is innovative and unique for years to come.

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