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Woven Bedspreads & Coverlets, Woven Popcorn Bedspreads

 (Click the Picture to view additional styles including Grandma's Popcorn Bedspread! )

"Bates" type Woven Bedspreads & Coverlets

Made in the U.S.A

"Just Like Grandma's Popcorn Bedspreads! "





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Many of our customers want to get back to basics with American patterns and workmanship. Remember when you use to visit Grandma's house and lay on that soft cotton bedspread. You may have called these cotton bedspreads "Grandma's bedspread" or the "popcorn bedspread".  These cotton bedspreads and coverlets are made with the same find quality as Grandma's popcorn bedspread.  Bedspreads shown on our site are manufactured by an American company that has produce these woven masterpieces for over 50 years.  The quality of American Made goods surpasses all others in workmanship and you know you have supported your country economically. The Linen Locker proudly sells these woven bedspreads knowing the superior quality that was handed down to each employee in this family company from generation to generation.


Click the picture above and you will find "Martha's Choice". George Washington chose the original of this woven bedspread for his bride Martha.  The weaving art of this pattern has been captured from the past and todays weavers continue this woven tradition.  The fabric used has been preshrunk and machine washed.  Only the best yarns are used to avoid fading.


You will also find another traditional bedspread pattern called Abigail Adams.  Do you think the name has anything to do with John Adams. John and Abigail Adams were one of American strongest couples of there time. Born in 1744, Abigail inherited England's strongest traditions.  This traditional bedspread just looks like one of our former 1st ladies. Its lovely, elegant, and durable with its machine washable and shrink and fade resistant fabrics. This knotted string fringe bedspread comes on sizes Twin, Full, Queen and King.


Hampton Roads is made in the traditional style, but not as traditional as bedspreads Abigail Adams and Martha's Choice. Woven in 100% heavy cotton, this matelasse bedspread has diamond quilted center surrounded by an elaborate border trimmed with scallop fringe.   Its easy to care for. Hampton Roads is perfect for a guest bedroom with its intricate weaving techniques on Jacquard Looms. Hampton Roads is machine washable. Hampton Roads matelasse is offered in two tone colors.


Heritage Bedspread is a style based on the 19th century weaving.  During the 19th century bedding like these were a work of love. Padded and stitched by hand. A century later, the great American weavers found a way to reproduce this puffed pattern that is true to its heritage in authenticity and loomed to last years. It is made of 100% cotton.


Cape Cod was originally designed in a flat jacquard now the designer has recreated this seashell pattern for those beach cottages and tropical bed rooms. Not a fad, or trend. The colors are great, the look will of seashells, will never go out of style. Ten years from now, you can always count on beach motifs to be a main stay in decorating. Cape Cod is also 100% cotton, trimmed with your choice of braided edge or scalloped fringe, this tropical Cape Cod bedspread is machine washable.


Back to tradition, New England Tradition is woven in your choice of two natural looking colors. White or Antique its a matter of preference.  This 100% cotton bedspread is cotton -terry based. It is machine washable and will not shrink.  A center traditional medallion star motif with a pine tree and floral vine design on the drop and pillow area is the focal points.  Light in weight, it make a great choice for a summer bedspread.


Tuscany is another rich and elegant pattern that gets its roots from Tuscany Italy. It is said that the woven bedspread originated in Sicily then moved to France, England and then to America in the 1600's.  Tuscany bedspread pattern  was taken from the archives of the Smithsonian Institution.  Its grape and vine pattern and floral motif evoke images of the Tuscany region of Italy.  The puffed techniques defines the design which gives it a three dimensional look and feel.  Tuscany is also 100% cotton. 


We also carry the most popular bedspread of all time. Picture is not yet available. Please call our store for information on the Rib Cord Bedspread.  "The Rib cord bedspread." Since the Linen Locker has been in business (over 16 years) we have carried the famous rib cord bedspread. It never goes out of style. With all the colors to choose from, you can add it to a coastal cottage, southwestern lodge, or a mountain get away. These rib cord bedspreads are made of a durable blend of cotton/poly. They are washable.  Just choose your color and then go shopping for your decorative motifs.  Rib Cord bedspreads have been a number one choice for a bedroom that is used. These lightweight bedspread just hold up to ware and tear.  When you get tire of it, you can use it on your next outdoor picnic.


If you need any help choosing your next traditional Bates type, popcorn, or grandma's bedspread - from a rip cord to a traditional cotton bedspread, please email or call our experienced designers toll free.


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