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Quilts by Greenland

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Linen Locker only sells 1st quailty Greenland Home Fashion Quilts 


We welcome you to Linen Locker's line of Greenland Quilts! Quilts bring that look of fresh country into your room. Cozy and Nurturing; Full of Comforts of Home! You cherish the handcrafted heritage of country style, but you don't want to live in a museum. You enjoy today's casual, unpretentious lifestyle, but you also have a soft spot for nostalgic treasures and romantic gestures. We have the fresh down-to earth look for you! Linen Locker searched for a long time to get just the right quality at great prices!

We have finally found these quality quilt comforters in the most original styles! They are sure to create warmth in your home!  Always remember when decorating in the country style that fabrics make an invaluable contribution to this scheme, and can be used creatively to achieve all sorts of country styles. It is not necessary to spend an exorbitant amount of money- it is just as easy to create the impressions you want through pattern, color and texture as it is by buying expensive textiles. If you want the cozy look without spending a lot of money - this is the area of our web site that you need to be shopping. We offer great style, quality, and value. If you want the look of cozy inexpensive cotton generously gathered around your windows can create a dramatic effect at little cost, and will add to your bedding.

The idea of good quilt design goes beyound being pretty.  Good design will please even an undiscriminating eye.  It spans centuries, societies, and styles.  Good quilt design meets the functional need in a pleasing manner.  It is appropriateness in a given setting; it is the application of time honored principles to create a work of art.  Responsiveness to beauty is human nature's sixth sense; without beauty we feel deprived.. Well proportioned and appropriate quilt designs can uplife, inspire, and comfort.  Simply stated, good design makes us feel good.   The principles of quilt design include proportion and scale, balance, emphasis and harmony.  These are accomplished through the element of eacth of our designer quilts.

The patterned in our quilts echoes the style of appropriate to each period or ambience desired.   Each pattern adds drama and excitement and can attract attention to the room creating a focal point. Greater emphasis can be achieved by adding decorative accessories to the quilt such as accent pillows.  These quilt patterns establish the feeling or mood in interiors and can lean charm in small or large rooms.  When ordering a quilt, remember that the pattern within a fabric is a form of ornamentation, as are decorative accessories, such as holdback on curtains or decorative curtain rods.  The degree of ornamentation needed for the room should be a point of careful consideration.  In a formal high fashion or complex room, ornament may serve well to carry out a theme and add more of the quilt pattern, such as a matching quilted throw. 


Natural fibers are very important to todays customers. Cotton, which is often called the decorator fiber, is used for prints and solid fabrics.  Cotton comes from the soft white filaments that surround the seed pod of a shrublike member of the mallow plant family.  Its history dates back as far as India and Egypt in 5000 b.c.  Yet it has been one of the most important fibers in interior design in all perionds.  Our Quilts are designed with 100% cotton fabric.  Positive characteristic of natural cotton is it is extraordinarily versatile, highly absorbant, easily dyed, soft and cool.  Cotton is fuzz, pill and shed resistant and easily cleaned.  It can be mercerized to increase smoothness, consistency of fiber, and dyd affinity.   The cotton that our quilts are made of washes well, but we suggest that you wash it in cold water and air dry to keep the color and shape beautiful for years. 


If you're free spirited but tenderhearted, fashionable yet down-to-earth, this bedding may be just what you've been looking for! You can appreciate it for the strong, surprisingly contemporary geometric shapes. Are you the type of person to see a Shaker chair, and realize its architectural lines look mellow when propped against a pumpkin wall, but stand sleek when posed solo against a lime green one. You might decide that a group of primitive wood bowls look great with a bunch of white ironstone pitchers. Or, you may find an old set of bedroom furniture made from common pine, and instead of restoring it, you paint it! It's up to you! That's what country style can do in decorating. It is fresh, romantic, innovative, practical, and expressive! Most of all it lets you be you!


New Spring Greenland Quilt Collection: Marquis Quilt Sets-


Marquis Mini quilt sets by Greenland Quilts represent the latest quilt fashions. These quilts are not your grandma's quilts.  Each quilt is hip and lines up with todays fashion colors. Each of these quilts come with quilted shams. Some  even have matching throws.  We invite you to view this new Greenland Quilt collection.


From the Marquis Quilt collection, Abilene Quilt Set is inspired by the cottage living with the classic block patchwork. Shabby-chic florals, modern stripes and plaids add a timeless charm to any bedrooms. Abilene Quilt Reverses to a matching stripe. 100% cotton. Luxuriously oversized for today´s deeper mattresses.

Quilt Dimensions: Twin 68"x88", Full/Queen 90"x90", King 105"x95" and Sham 20"x26"

Also available in Quilted Throw 50"x60".


This Zebra Quilt Set by Greenland  is designed in a overall brown zebra print. Most zebra prints you see are designed with black stripes.  With brown it makes decoration easy. Add some decorative pillow in  Pink, Orange, or any bright colors and you  can really bring high design into any bedroom! 


Trafalgar Quilt is Colorblocked with rich tones of rust, gold, moss and cream, Trafalgar Quilt Set, from the Marquis collection, features floral and scroll quilting with embossed texture enhanced by the soft lavish microsuede. Trafalgar Quilt is bordered and reversed to a solid chocolate. Face: 100% Microsuede. Back & Fill: 100% cotton.

Trafalgar Quilt Dimensions: Twin 68"x86", Full/Queen 86"x86", King 100"x90" and Sham 20"x2


Ariel Quilt Set, from the Marquis quilt collection, features patchwork in jewel tones of gold, turquoise and emerald green in a supplicated channel stitch pattern. Ariel Quilt Set is a soft microsuede, velvet, faux silk and brocade with embroidery pieced together in a dazzling display for beauty and durability.

Ariel Quilt Dimensions: Twin 68"x86", Full/Queen 86"x86", King 100"x90" and Sham 20"x26"


And last of all is Retro, fun and hip! Daisies Quilt Set, from the Marquis collection, features swirls of daisies in cheerful colors of aqua blue, yellow and orange on a neutral background. Finely vermicelli stitching for durability. Daisies Quilt reverses to a coordinating stripe. 100% cotton. Luxuriously oversized for today´s deeper mattresses.

Daisies Quilt Dimensions: Twin 68"x88", Full/Queen 90"x90", King 105"x95" and Sham 20"x26"






Which fresh Greenland country approach appeals to you? You can blend different styles with a practiced hand, and for an easy success, base your decorating scheme on one of the classic quilts in our line. We have included fabulous examples of fresh country style grouped into six signature bedding looks:

Don't forget that Quilts make a perfect choice for a childs room.  They are light weight, inexpensive, and washable. Children's rooms need to be able to grow along with them and evolve with their changing taste, without breaking the bank! You can get a great bedding package with style and quality at a reasonable price with any of the quilts in our kid's line. This great line of quilts shares common features that can create a rich, outdoorsy feeling, or a cherished memory from the past. The unabashedly sentimental, cozy feeling of the old homestead in undeniably appealing. You will find that our bedding is made of the finest quality, for the best price!


Feeling a little crafty today?! Click here to learn how to make your own Quilt!


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To evoke time or place with startling immediacy, choose from our wonderful patterns. Blowsy floras for English country, checks for Shaker, Morris birds and flowers for Arts and Crafts and colour with care. Bear in mind the importance of synthetic versus natural dyes and remember that interesting effect can be achieved by mixing different textures within the same colour range.  The use of color and pattern can express your personality your creativity and your emotions, it can also send strong signals as to your style. We welcome you to just one line of the Linen Lockers Quilts that can help you with color, texture and the cozy look you want for your room!

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